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Updated 8/26 :   New Update coming soon!!.  Thanks for your patience.  We can’t wait!! 

More news coming here about B3 re-constituting itself  Stay Tuned!!


We recently hit our anniversary of being open here at B3.  Although, we have mostly performed well and and been very well received, we, ourselves, have quietly noted various holes in our business model and operation. We actually expected this to some degree since we were opening a concept (sliders) which, as far as we knew, had not been done.   No easy task but one well worth the effort.  We have tried to learn and adjust in a very organic way to the concept and to the market and make the adjustments and changes even while operating our business.

After these months, we have decided that in order to make the proper adjustments neccesary to the space, menu, operation, etc, we should give ourselves the next period of days of uninterupted and focused time to make the changes which we feel will give us the strong foundation going forward.

So, we will be closed for the next period of days and then re-open.

We will update this site as well as our Facebook page with details of the forthcoming changes/adjustments.

We know this is somewhat unusual to do after just three months but we are, if nothing else, rather BOLD. We hope you like what you see/feel/taste in the coming weeks.
As always, Cheers!!

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Named as a “Top New Burger Restaurant”

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WOW!!  Named by an industry publication as a “Top New Burger Restaurant”.  Humbled….



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Great Review on a local Food Blog!!!

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We just received this fantastic review.  We are honored, delighted, and humbled as we continue to strive to make every experience here exceptional (while learning from our mistakes).

Thank you Nina!!!!

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New Pics

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Now Open

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Finally opened yesterday!!  Yeeeeeessssssss!!!!

For the rest of this week and the beginning of next we have about 40% of our menu up and running.  Next week we will begin to phase in the rest.  Expect that it will take a full two weeks to get the whole thing operational.
For now, we have 7 of our eventual 16 sliders; most of the “build-your-own Burger-Bar”; half of the side dishes;  a couple salads; the entire Chili selection; half the desserts.  We do not yet have our house-crafted sodas.  We are offering Adirondack sodas probably through most of next week.

I have not mentioned, we do NOT have a liquor license but will soon have a Beer and Wine license.

Hope to see you soon.


Welcome to Burgers and Sliders

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Welcome to Burgers and Sliders (burgersandsliders.wordpress.com) which is the blog for B3 Burger-Bar & Slider-Bistro (B3NY.com).  Although we have the website, this blog allows us the more easily update and communicate what we have going on……and there will be many changes/updates in the coming days and months.

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Coming Soon

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We will be opening soon.  Official date will be announced shortly.    Stay tuned for updates!!



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